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Popular questions

  • Why should I use a Virtual Trade Station VPS?

    • No Shared Spaces

      We do not share your resources; what you pay for is yours.

    • 100% up-time

      We’ll keep you connected around the clock. Our servers are maintained 24/7 and we provide a no downtime guarantee.

    • Extremely fast Latency Times

      High latency can cost you. Trade as fast as 1 millisecond with us.

  • Is there any configuration required?

    No. All systems are delivered ready. You will be emailed your login to access your VPS immediately. All you will need to do is log in to your MetaTrader 4 account or download any other software you would like to use. We have included several applications pre-installed for your convenience.

  • Can I cancel at any time?

    You can cancel the montly package anytime and not be charged for the next month. The same goes for the annual package. You still have access to your VPS until your subscription runs out.

  • Will you markup spreads or require minimum deposit?

    Absolutely not! We are not a broker, we are a VPS provider and the software and broker you use, is up to you.

  • Do I have to pay for anything now?

    Pay for the package you want to access or give our 7-day trial a go!

  • Why should I use a VPS?

    There are three main reasons to decide to use a VPS instead of your own computer:

    • To make sure that your platform is online and running all the time, which protects you from possible issues due to power or internet outages, especially if you are using automated trading systems.
    • It can improve your trade execution if you are using a VPS located closer to your broker. This would cut down on execution time when opening and closing trades.
    • Virtual Trade Station can assist you with setting up your EAs or other systems on the VPS.
  • What is a VPS?

    A VPS or Virtual Private Server is a form of web hosting where users get access to a virtual machine to run any operating system and other trading software for 24 hour operations.