About us

Our company’s goal is to provide traders with a dependable VPS solution catered for complex algorithmic trading, fast latency strategies, and traders that depend on uptime. Our team consists of professionals who have a great knowledge of computer security, networking, system administration and trading.


  • Windows

    Operating System to allow for installation of all your favorite apps.
  • The best V Virtualization

    Windows VPS Virtualization
  • Optimal Hardware

    1x CORE, 2 Gb RAM, 30 Gb SSD Drive minimum gives even our smallest
  • Server Secured Against DDoS

    External Attacks Protected by encryption and tough system security
  • Support Services

    Client-Dedicated Service to provide fast solutions.


  • No Shared Spaces

    We do not share your resources; what you pay for is yours.
  • 100% up-time

    We’ll keep you connected around the clock. Our servers are maintained 24/7 and we provide a no downtime guarantee.
  • Extremely fast Latency Times

    High latency can cost you; Trade as fast as 1 millisecond with us.

Data center

  • Optimized network

    Our network is optimized to provide quick connections, fast communications and to never have down time.
  • Data Center

    Located near a major financial district to provide quick latency times.